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Experience the Audio Video Specialists difference with fully immersive media rooms that will blow your mind.



Sit in your cinema recliner, touch a button, and let the show begin. Select a movie or concert from your library. Our theaters can be concealed and tailored to any interior decor. Entertaining friends or family? Your Private Theater can easily convert to a Gaming system that makes for the most engaging video game experience imaginable. Our private theaters take into account your listening and viewing environment, available light, and the shape, size and acoustic nature of the room.

Our background in professional video systems ensures you of the highest performance. Intellihome is also your source for theater interiors and build-outs. From theater seating and risers, to stages, drapes and lighting, we work with your designers to construct the themed theater of your dreams. No one knows video and sound like AV Specialists.

Audio Video Specialists
Audio Video Specialists
Audio Video Specialists
Audio Video Specialists
Audio Video Specialists
Audio Video Specialists
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Media Room


Room Dimensions

The first step in designing a home theater is analyzing the room dimensions. Consider the scale of the room to determine the optimal screen and sound size for the best viewing experience. Ideally, the room should allow for comfortable seating distances and appropriate viewing angles. Take measurements of the room to ensure that the screen size and seating layout are proportionate to the space available.

Room Use

Before finalizing the design, we need to consider the intended use of the room. If the space will solely be used as a dedicated home theater, we can focus on optimizing the audio and visual aspects. However, if the room will serve multiple purposes, such as a family gathering space or a gaming area, we may need to make some adjustments to accommodate these additional activities. We will then find a balance between the primary use and any other activities that will take place in the room.

Audience Size

We determine the number of seats required to accommodate the audience. This all depends on the size of your family or the number of guests you anticipate having in your home theater. Keep in mind that comfortable seating is essential for a pleasurable viewing experience. We factor in the space needed for aisles and walkways to ensure easy access to each seat. We then use this information to design the layout of your media room, maximizing seating capacity without sacrificing comfort or obstructing sightlines.


Establishing a budget is crucial in the home theater design process. Consider the level of investment you are willing to make and be realistic about what you can afford. Once you communicate your budget to us, we can help you achieve the best possible experience within your financial constraints. We can suggest cost-effective alternatives and guide you towards the most suitable equipment and design options to fit your budget.

The Final Scene


Designing a home theater involves careful consideration of room dimensions, room use, audience size, and budget. By analyzing these factors and working with our professional home theater designers, We can create a space that offers an immersive cinematic experience tailored to your preferences.

We invite you to contact our home theater designers to discuss your vision and requirements. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through the design process, offering innovative solutions that bring your dream home theater to life. Create a space where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the magic of the big screen in the comfort of your own home. Contact us today.